Our partners for 2017

At Church in the City, we have benefited for years as other churches and friends of CITC have supported our efforts in downtown Toronto. In 2017, our goal is to give $21,000 to local and global missions with the intent on expanding our impact in Toronto, Canada and around the world. We continue to partner with our local agencies in in the St. Lawrence community like Toronto Police - 51 Division and Toronto Fire Services - hall #333 as well as Marketlane Public School and St. Michael's Catholic School. We strive to be an active participant in serving our community. You are welcome to contribute to our efforts through offerings on Sundays or PayPal on this website. Thanks!

  • Serving St. Lawrence COmmunity

    We are very committed to being a visible partner in our neighbourhood looking for opportunities to serve whether by ourselves or shoulder to shoulder with other community partners. Jesus set an example of engaging communities and bringing good ... we try to follow His example in the St. Lawrence.

  • Compassion Canada

    Compassion Canada is an advocacy program to help alleviate poverty in children and families in Jesus' name. At CITC, we sponsor two boys and two girls and get the privilege of knowing that they are enrolled in school, fed regular meals, given necessary medical treatment, connected to a local church in their community and given a more promising future. in 2017, CITC responded to support 28 kids in third & forth world nations.

  • Village of Hope, Mwanza

    Village of Hope Mwanza is a village that brings hope specifically to at risk kids & youth in Africa. VOH Mwanza is a registered Canadian charity & connects well with our heartbeat at CITC, to bring hope & compassion to all people including those caught in urban poverty. My friend Julius Kenyamanyara is the director and we look forward to a continued partnership with him and the VOH Mwanza. For more information on VOH Mwanza visit their website: www.vohafrica.com/villages/tanzania. 

  • Church in Regent Park

    CIRP is our plant church in Regent Park. One of the main outreaches of CIRP is our weekly community dinners; the majority of our guests are people living in Toronto housing, many are working but have difficulties making ends meet. Through partnerships with 12+ churches around the GTA, businesses, and long time Cornerstone helpers, we are able to serve the great people of Regent Park. If you are a business owner and would like to serve or make a donation, please contact Nichole, our administrator at mark@churchinthecity.ca.

  • Serving George Brown & ReD Frogs

    Mark Goring, one of our pastors at CITC runs a program for college/university students and young professionals just starting out. We believe in serving our community and Mark has made some friendships with GB offering help from CITC. We also have a friendship with Red Frogs and great avenue to serve our downtown students in a practical way like volunteering at events or helping new students move in to dorms.

  • ERDO (Emergency Relief & Development Overseas)

    ERDO is great charity that gives us an avenue to give to crisis needs around the world. ERDO got started as: "A massive famine struck Ethiopia in 1983, and before it had finished, an estimated one million people lost their lives. To respond to the massive need, leaders at The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada made a decision that would bring focus, energy and resources in a new way to serve the sick and hungry. From the biblical call to “do good”, Emergency Relief & Development Overseas, or ERDO, was born. ERDO now serves children and families in more than 30 developing countries." 

  • Pregnancy Care Centre, Toronto

    The Pregnancy Care Centre in Toronto is a great organization that advocates for pregnant moms newborns and unborn children. The PCC also provides ongoing support, friendship and many supplies for new moms & dads. In our neighbourhood, there are single moms that have benefited from this great ministry.