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About Awana:

UrbanHope Awana is kicking off September 19th, 2018.  We are so excited to open our program to ALL kids in our community.  We are excited to be able to run an affordable mid-week evening program for only $10 a semester.  UrbanHope Awana will be run on Wednesday evenings from 6 PM to 7:30 PM



                                                DEFINITON OF GOOD NEWS: JESUS LOVES EVERY CHILD

Reaching Kids in Canada

There are more than 5 million children in Canada today under the age of 15. They come from vastly different people groups that typically do not mix. Awana Canada offers learning through fun activities and trained leaders, and it works through local churches to provide mentorship. Since the first club began there in 1976, the good news of Jesus has shown each child in Awana that he or she is precious to God and created specially by Him!

Every week, Awana Canada impacts 31,878 children with this good news through 483 clubs plus ours!


Equipping Leaders in Canada:

Awana is a proven program for reaching kids with the good news. But it mentors the rest of the church through equipping the Awana club leaders, and mentorship is key to raise up more leaders for Canada. Each Awana program is built upon leadership that is trained to make a positive impact on children, like those who use our Leader-Based Strategy (LBS) curriculum.


Changing the World in Canada

When a church starts the Awana program, children have a meaningful and fun place to go as they learn about the good news. Adults are mentored and trained to make more disciples. Awana seeks to reach more children in Canada with the good news and equip more leaders there.

NOTE: All UrbanHope Awana Adult Staff & Volunteers all have been screened through a Police Check and the Plan to Protect program, which is the leading program in creating a safe environment for kids and adults.


A TYPICAL NIGHT – is split up into three thirty-minute segments.

1. Thirty Minutes of Games & Life Skills

2. Thirty Minutes of Small Groups (K-Grade 2) & (Grade 3-6)

3. The Main Event (Large Group Interactive Lesson)


Kids throughout the year can earn AWANA certificates, AWANA badges by journal completions, various projects, and attendance!