Our MVV is our steering wheel to what we believe God wants us to be and do at CITC as a His local church in the city of Toronto. It was through dedicated prayer, great dialogue and more prayer that we landed on these.

MISSION: An urban church centred in Christ providing vibrant community, a safe place to grow spiritually, and opportunities to serve others with compassion and reach those who don't yet know Jesus.

VISION: Making Christ known in the St. Lawrence and surrounding high-rise communities.

VALUES: Compassion, Discipleship, Diverse Community, Creating Hope, & Outreach

Pastors & Staff

I'm blessed to have a great staff that work alongside with me in reaching out to our neighbours in the St. Lawrence and Regent Park communities. We love the people in downtown Toronto and together we lean on each others experiences and skill set to strive to do all that God would want us to accomplish in these days. Together we share over 55 years of ministry experience but nothing beats the inner city of Toronto where everyday is another adventure. BTW, we are here to serve you too ... let's partner together in writing a great story for God in downtown Toronto. Cheers, Pastor Ted (PT)

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At CITC, we are under the covering of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). Our Local Church Constitution is the Pastor's Council model; you can view a copy of our LCC here.

Pastor's Council

At CITC, we have an elected board that help support our pastor, the vision we feel God has given along with direction and management of funds. Each board member is elected to a 3 year term and can serve 2 consequetive terms before a mandatory year off. Our lead pastor is accountable to the board council as well as the leadership of the EOD of the PAOC.

Our History

Our history began in September 1985. Through the leadership of Stone Church on Bloor and in partnership with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), CITC began on the west side of Yonge Street. Soon after another rental facility opened up leading to a move across the street to the east side of Yonge. Near the end of the 90's the church congregation looked for alternative locations and landed in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood renting from St. Michael's Catholic School. Around 2003 the congregation moved to a more permanent place in our current location in the David B. Archer Co-operative. God has been good to CITC and used this church to impact many lives! Donald Miller in his book 'A Million Miles in a Thousand Years', wrote, 'Everyone is writing a story, so go write a good story for God.' This is what CITC has done and continues

to do in the St. Lawrence community today.